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Website: http://schools.pvnccdsb.on.ca/holyfamily37/
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Area Trustees: Granville Anderson / Peggy O'Toole Teachers:
Director of Education: Barbara McMorrow

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Superintendent of Schools: Deirdre Thomas
Pastors: Father Paul Massel
Principal: Barb Smith
Vice-Principals: Frank Consoli
Secretaries: Laurette Woods
Custodians: Charles Bailey
Errol Nicholas DaSilva
Margaret Kavanagh
Kristan Wootton
Educational Assistants: Jammie Cole
Melody Dunn
Candy Goldsworthy
Julia Hasledon
Rachel Hodges
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K. Allison Mallory
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Library Support Specialists: Margaret Heenan
Registered Early Childhood Educators:Kimberly Glassford
Teresa Hirschfeld
Tracey Marra
Susanne Olsen


Holy Family is the latest addition to the Clarington family of schools in the Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board.
Our school opened for students starting September 2007.

Our wonderful facility includes a large gym, a music room, a science lab and 25 classrooms. We also have a sensory room to service students with special needs and four Kindergarten classrooms designed with our younger students in mind.
There is a day care facility connected with the school which is operated by Kawartha Child Care.


We service all students in grades JK to 8 in all subjects, with a Catholic faith-based direction. Our Science Lab allows an intensive Science Program in the older grades, and we have an instrumental music program for grade 7 and 8 students. Core French is offered from grades 4-8 with an integrated literacy program offered to students in grades JK to 3.


Our School Council consists of parents/guardians, the Principal, a teacher representative, a non-teaching staff representative and a parish representative. If you are interested in attending any of our Catholic School Council meetings, please feel free to attend on any of the dates, which are listed on the Council page of our school website. All meetings are at 6:30 p.m. in the School Professional Development Room opposite the gym, and are usually scheduled for the first Monday of the month.


Grade 3 PVNC Actual School Actual
Reading 68% 62%
Writing 77% 75%
Math 71% 62%
Grade 6 PVNC Actual School Actual
Reading 73% 63%
Writing 71% 66%
Math 56% 47%
   Data from school year: 2010-2011

* EQAO suppresses results when there are 15 or fewer students in a group.


Living Faith: We live our faith daily by celebrating prayer as a school, in our classrooms and as infused into all aspects of our daily life.
Excellence in Learning: Our school staff and Catholic School Council are dedicated to improved student achievement by focusing our collective energies on Literacy and Numeracy.
Athletics: Our school is involved in inter-school athletics with the Clarington Christian Athletics Association.
Social Justice: We hold food drives for the St. Vincent de Paul Society three times a year, including the “Be An Angel” program at Christmas.
Co-curricular Activities: At Holy Family Catholic Elementary School, teachers, other staff, and parents, volunteer many hours of their own time to offer a wide array of extra-curricular activities which complement and enhance the students’ learning experience.


It is our policy at Holy Family Catholic Elementary School to encourage students to be accountable for their own behaviour. High standards of behaviour are expected in class, on the yard, and in all circumstances where students are representing the school. We encourage and establish morals and values in our students which they can learn to include in all areas of their lives, including the need for self control, socially acceptable behaviour and empathy with others.


Holy Family is now in its 5th year and we continue to be proud of our collection of musical instruments and our Intermediate music programme. We purchased the instruments with support from our Catholic School Council and the Board. We have held annual Christmas Concerts for grade 1-6 students, talent shows and Spring productions: "Alice in Wonderland" and "101 Dalmatians."